Building "The Perfect Beast"



First you need a drum kit.. In this case a Roland TD-12SBK V-Stage Pro and a KC350 Amp..

(Pardon the mess (and the cigarette smoke), eventually the area will be converted to a mini studio)

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Add some parts.. (a CY-15R, PD-8, M-Audio 2x2 MIDI Interface, and a PD-85)

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and some more stuff (Pearl 2002C Eliminator , two more PD-8's , a CY-8,  PAD-8, and a TMC-6)

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and for the time being some wiring cleanup..

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added the Behringer Amp

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Newest photos (9-14-2006)


Like I said this is a work in progress, so more photo's to follow... eventually...



Roland TD-12SBKD V-Stage Drum Kit

Roland KC350 120W Amp

Behringer K3000FX 300W Amp/PA

Roland Pad-8 Octapad

(2) Roland TMC6 MIDI Interfaces

IBM A31 Laptop w/MiniDock II

M-Audio MIDI-Sport 4x4 MIDI-USB Interface

Pearl 2002C Eliminator Double Bass Pedal w/TAMA Iron Cobra beaters

Tama Double Tom stand

DW/Pacific  PDDT820X Throne

(1) FatKAT

(1) PD-120WT Mesh pad

(4) PD-8 pads

(5) PD-85BK Mesh pads

(1) CY-14 Crash Cymbal

(1) CY-15R Ride Cymbal

(3) CY-8 Cymbals

(2) APC-33 Clamp kits

E-MU 0404 PCI card

Roland TD-8 Rack

additional hardware and mounts by Gibraltar & Roland

sticks by Ahead & Vic Firth

coffee - Dunkin Donuts!


vExpressions Top 50 Drummers Expansion Pack



Battery 2.0 Demo (adding Battery 3.0 when available)

Cubase SX


Thank You's!

Mom & Dad, brother John, Karen, my kids Adrienne & Gregory, Bob, and last (but not least) Randy from the Guitar Center -Springfield, NJ (dude you so rock!)

Influences & Inspiration

Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Steve Gadd, Mike Portnoy, Carl Palmer, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, and Ringo Starr


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